Scale mode not working properly

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Scale mode not working properly

Postby Megabuffen » 26. Apr 2012, 17:16

I would like to use scale mode so that I can make StarCraft fill up the whole screen. The problem is, when I switch back to any other mode, the screen either goes completely black or gets badly skewed. I can't interact with the guest OS, Windows XP, using the mouse anymore. Rebooting Windows will not help either, but restarting the VM will.

My host operating system is Ubuntu 12.04 running on an AMD Phenom II with nVidia GeForce 9500GS and I'm using VirtualBox 4.1.12_Ubuntu.

Is there any solution to this problem? If not, can I scale the display while preserving the aspect ratio? If so, I wouldn't actually need to switch back from scale mode.
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