Pointsec / Checkpoint encrypted disk in VirtualBox

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Pointsec / Checkpoint encrypted disk in VirtualBox

Postby tom » 28. Feb 2008, 02:43


Did anyone successfully boot an encrypted Pointsec/Checkpoint disk inside VirtualBox?

I have a Windows 2000 office machine which has Pointsec v5.2.0 full disk encryption on it. I booted the machine with a live Linux distro and used the "dd" tool to take a raw image of the full 40Gb disk and save to an external storage media with the filename "win2k.dd"

Then on a Linux machine (running SuSE 10.3) I converted the raw image using: VBoxManage convertdd win2k.dd win2k.vdi

Finally I started up VirtualBox on the Linux machine and created a Windows 2000 guest OS and used the "win2k.vdi" as the disk image.

Booting up this Windows 2000 guest inside VirtualBox shows the initial Pointsec security username/password screen. After entering the correct username/password a black screen shows "Pointsec ... loading operating system". Normally immediately after this the Windows splash booting screen is shown, but with VirtualBox this stage is never reached.

The Linux CPU load goes to 100%. No errors are recorded in the VBox logs. VirtualBox is still responsive to all menus etc, but the Win2k guest machine is frozen.


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Re: Pointsec / Checkpoint encrypted disk in VirtualBox

Postby norad » 19. Mar 2009, 13:54

I have PointSec working in VBox 2.1.4, but only if I do not use VT-X. With VT-X VBox shows me the Guru.

Re: Pointsec / Checkpoint encrypted disk in VirtualBox

Postby awong251 » 29. Sep 2009, 21:00

I am running VirtualBox 3.0.6 for MacOS X. I was able to get Checkpoint FDE to work in VirtualBox Environment which has Windows XP installed. You have to make sure that USB and VT-x/AMD-V setting (processor acceleration) are disabled. Both must be disabled for it to work. It will go through the process of encrypting and once it gets to about 5% it produces the recovery key and log.
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