Export/Import VM changes vdi to vmdk

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Export/Import VM changes vdi to vmdk

Postby shecki » 23. Mar 2012, 16:25


i have a problem while exporting and importing a VM.

I set up a VM on my Win7 64bit Host, export it to an .ova-file, copy it to my Linux-Host and import it there.

After that the created vdi-file (on Win7) is changed to a vmdk-file (on Linux) and i have to clone it to get it back as vdi. No matter what Guest OS i use (tested with Debian and Win7 Guests).

The question is, is this a feature of "exporting appliance" and "import appliance" or just a bug? When importing it, i can see, that the suggested name for the disk always ends on vmdk.

Any hints?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Export/Import VM changes vdi to vmdk

Postby Perryg » 23. Mar 2012, 17:01

vmdk is the industry standard for exporting/importing and is not a bug.
See Importing and exporting virtual machines in your VirtualBox users guide.

You don't need to convert it back to VDI unless you want to as VirtualBox will use the vmdk file as well.
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Re: Export/Import VM changes vdi to vmdk

Postby mpack » 23. Mar 2012, 17:15

This also been discussed several times - a search should have found it. For example, here.
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