Performance issue if running BOINC on Host

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Performance issue if running BOINC on Host

Postby Uncle_D » 16. Jan 2012, 19:28


I have a problem running a VM on VB 4.1.8 if BOINC is running on the Host. The Performance is very poor. It's taking up to 20 minutes to start the client (Windows 7 professional 64b). Host: Ubuntu 11.04 64b. Tryed different BOINC-Projects and different settings. Deactivating virtualization or reducing RAM-Usage for the VM doesn't help as well as giving BOINC just 2 instead of 4 threads. The project is CPU-only but I tried also to deactivate 3D-accelleration without any affect.

AMD A6-3650 (4x2,6 GHz)
4x4 GB RAM DDR3-1333

Couldn’t find anything about it on the internet, someone an idea?
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