Failed to import appliance: Could not find a storage control

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Failed to import appliance: Could not find a storage control

Postby laredotornado » 2. May 2011, 18:11


I'm trying to get a VirtualBox image (for VirtualBox running on Intel x64 Ubuntu Linux) from VmWare Fusion Windows 7 image (originally built on Mac 10.6.6 PowerBook) using VMWare's ovftool conversion facility.

After running my conversion, and moving the .ovf, .mf. and .vmdk files over to my Linux machine, I went to the Import Appliance setting, chose my ovf file and then began the import. After about 40% complete, the process failed with the message of

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Failed to import appliance /home/selenium/Windows7.ovf.
Could not find a storage controller named 'SCSI Controller'

Not sure what adjustments I should make but this is in my .ovf file where the reference to the controller appears:

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        <rasd:Description>SCSI Controller</rasd:Description>

Any guidance for next troubleshooting steps is appreciated. If this helps, these were the settings on the Applicance Import Settings screen:

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Guest OS Type: Other/Unknown
CPU: 1
RAM: 1024 MB
DVD: checked
USB Controller: Checked
Network Adapter (checked: Intel PRO/1000 MT Server (*254SEM)
Hard Disk Controller (IDE): PIIX4
Hard Disk Controller (SAS): LsaLogicSas
   Virtual Disk Image:    (a path that I can't fully read … but that I don't think exists).

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Re: Failed to import appliance: Could not find a storage con

Postby daniell » 11. Jun 2013, 18:01

As this topic was in the top search results while I was searching for this problem's solution, I'll post here my findings:

I could manage to overcome this situation with the following tiny modifications in the .ovf file:
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$ diff -u Server1.ovf-orig  Server1.ovf
--- Server1.ovf-orig    2013-06-11 16:06:55.967865670 +0200
+++ Server1.ovf 2013-06-11 16:08:08.040864095 +0200
@@ -54,14 +54,6 @@
         <vmw:Config ovf:required="false" vmw:key="ehciEnabled" vmw:value="true"/>
-        <rasd:Address>0</rasd:Address>
-        <rasd:Description>SCSI Controller</rasd:Description>
-        <rasd:ElementName>scsiController0</rasd:ElementName>
-        <rasd:InstanceID>4</rasd:InstanceID>
-        <rasd:ResourceSubType>lsilogicsas</rasd:ResourceSubType>
-        <rasd:ResourceType>6</rasd:ResourceType>
-      </Item>
-      <Item>
         <rasd:Description>IDE Controller</rasd:Description>
@@ -96,7 +88,7 @@
-        <rasd:Parent>4</rasd:Parent>
+        <rasd:Parent>5</rasd:Parent>

What is missing from this diff is the fact, that I had another storage controller, with InstanceID 5
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        <rasd:Description>IDE Controller</rasd:Description>

... and I put this as the vmdisk1's parent (4 -> 5).

After this, I updated the Server1.ovf file's SHA-1 checksum in the OVF export's (manifest) file, but noticed that virtualbox just can't get it's head around verifying the otherwise correct SHA-1 checksums...
While sha1sum(1) -c certified that the manifest file is indeed correct, virtualbox just spat errors...
So I've read in another topic "OVF Import Issues" (it's here in the vbox forums, but I'm not allowed to post links yet...), that one could simply delete the manifest file, and voila, the import just worked.
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