Running/compile VirtualBox on Tinycore 64 bit

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Running/compile VirtualBox on Tinycore 64 bit

Postby markuci » 8. Aug 2010, 02:46

I tried to use VirtualBox 3.2.8 64 bit version on TinyCore Linux with 64 bit kernel as host OS.
In TinyCore Linux kernel+modules+some libs are 64 bit, and the apps+libs are 32 bits.
I could compile/load the 64 bit VirtualBox kernel modules, but 64 bit version VirtualBox app not work in 32 user environment, and vice versa, I couldn't compile the 32 bit VirtualBox on TinyCore 64 bit version(get error: unsupported amd64 platform).
Though I could unpack, and run the VirtualBox app by hand from the installer package.
But this way the VirtualBox 64 bit kernel modules not working together with 32 bit VirtualBox app, run both of them, but when try to start any guest get lots of error(rt3 limit, don't combine OSE/PUEL part of VirtualBox...).
So is there any way to run VirtualBox on TinyCore Linux 64/32 bit mixed environment?
Please help me! thx!
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Re: Running/compile VirtualBox on Tinycore 64 bit

Postby stefan.becker » 8. Aug 2010, 07:32

Use a modern Linux Distro, this crappy approach cant work.

You cant expect every crude combination is supported.
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