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VirtualBox Manager for Android

Postby nseidm1 » 30. May 2010, 16:29

I recently published VirtualBox Manager, and the Pro version, on the Android marketplace. It uses ssh2 to login to linux hosts that have ssh servers. The initial connection uses password authentication, and then once logged in the user can create a 1024 bit DSA key. The free version only supports password authentication. The free version supports 6 hosts and 6 machines per host. The Pro version supports 20 hosts, and 20 machines per host.

The app automatically reads available machines using VBoxManage list vms. The Pro version detects if the machine is running using VBoxManage list runningvms. These features are quite stable at this time!

The Pro version has an Android drawer that displays the key fingerprint, and will have a button to create a new key. There is rigorous exception handling in the event of low 3g signal, and there are logical ui events that inform the user when particular tasks are executed. Users have the ability to start, stop, pause, resume, reset, and save and close all machines.



Development for the application has become quite comprehensive, and the status is well past Beta. There are some minor things that I want to address in the upcoming weeks, but as of now the app is extremely stable, fully functional, and quite useful as a remote IT solution. I programmed the app on Ubuntu 10.04 using a Droid Incredible. It therefore displays perfectly on a 3.7 inch screen, and there are some coding updates that I will publish to make is more predictable on different size screens. Most features, as of now, display fine on smaller screens. More tesing will be done with virtualized Android phones.

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