migrating windows 2003 server

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migrating windows 2003 server

Postby Rastus » 6. Feb 2010, 16:57

I have a running windows 2003 server (32 bit) that I would like to migrate to virtualbox.
I have VIrtualbox 3.1.2 running on a ubuntu host.
I am using the instructions from the virtualbox site http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Migrate_Windows

I got the disk images and copied and converted with VBoxManage convertfromraw

I made the windows machine and attached the .vdi files for the C: and D: drives

when I boot the virtual windows machine from the virtual drive, it says FATAL No bootable medium found

If I put in the Windows server 2003 cd and boot from that, I get the error that \I386\halaacpi.dll could not be loaded error 3072. right at boot. It never makes it to the place where repairing the drive is an option (as it suggests in the guide above)

I read the microsoft knowledgebase items on the HAL options and if I hit F5 right after boot from the windows CD I get the list of HAL options. I have tried all of them with no success.

If I hit F7 right after boot, it skips the HAL check, It will then start to setup but stop with an error that says "File adpu160m.sys caused an unexpected error (3072) at line 3963 in d:\srvrtm\base\boot\setup\setup.c

Help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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Re: migrating windows 2003 server

Postby vbox4me2 » 6. Feb 2010, 19:56

VM settings? stick to ide until it boots. Use gparted or some other tool to check the VDI partition inside vbox.
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Re: migrating windows 2003 server

Postby MarkCranness » 7. Feb 2010, 01:51

Rastus wrote:I got the disk images and copied and converted with VBoxManage convertfromraw

When you use convertfromraw, the disk images must be of the entire disk. If you just imaged a partition only, it does not work.
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