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vmdk client hangs but runs if a remove/recreate same vbox client.

PostPosted: 11. Aug 2022, 19:01
by lpmanjaro
Manjaro host vbox, won't run Endeavour guest, guest boots to a "schell>" prompt. If I create an exact duplicate client (With a different name:-)) it boots fine using the same VMDK (raw metal) access file definition. Aparently vbox is "hung" or remembers something that I would like to reset. I have even released the vmdk pointer file, and removed the failing client, deleting all files of the failing client vbox entry. Then rebuilt using the same client name and the client now works.

Is there a way to reset the client so it is no longer hung ? ( tried renaming ~/VirtualBox VMs/client/vbox.client to .old and renaming vbox.client.prev to vbox.client to no avail.)

New VM with old disk works, old VM with disk fails

PostPosted: 11. Aug 2022, 19:06
by scottgus1
lpmanjaro wrote:vbox.client .... vbox.client.prev

Is that the name of the file? I personally don't recognize it. Was that supposed to be "client.vbox", etc?

When Virtualbox starts it reads all the .vbox files into its memory. Then as changes happen, Virtualbox writes out the .vbox files, "overwriting" the existing .vbox files. In case a host glitch occurs during the write-out, the existing .vbox file is renamed to .vbox-prev, then the info is actually written to a new .vbox file. In this way the fail can be returned to normal.

However, if the error condition has been written out more than once, the .vbox-prev file will have the error condition as well. So renaming the .prev file to replace the .vbox file won't then work.

If the new VM runs just fine, you could keep using it. Otherwise a comparison of the working and failing .vbox files could show what's different.