RHEL 8 AMI on AWS EC2 Instance Compatibility

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RHEL 8 AMI on AWS EC2 Instance Compatibility

Postby DevGuy » 5. Aug 2021, 17:50

Hello, can anyone tell me if Virtual Box is compatible with a RHEL 8 AMI on an AWS EC2 instance? Thanks so much.
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Re: RHEL 8 AMI on AWS EC2 Instance Compatibility

Postby scottgus1 » 5. Aug 2021, 18:23

DevGuy wrote:RHEL 8

Should be.

DevGuy wrote:AMI

Don't know what this is, regrettably.

DevGuy wrote:on an AWS EC2 instance

Depends on if it is a physical server or a VM and if VT-x/AMD-V is passed through.

Virtualbox 6.1.x requires "Virtualization Technology": VT-x/AMD-V/SVM. If Amazon doesn't make this available, you'll be stuck in 6.0.x or earlier, and only 32-bit VMs with one CPU, Windows 8.0 or earlier, perhaps similar limits in Linux.

If you get a VM instead of a physical server, that would be nested virtualization. Virtualbox is only officially supported nested in a Virtualbox VM (or maybe KVM?). It may work, it may not.
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