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Grab IP from DHCP????

PostPosted: 18. Jun 2021, 05:21
by KateGa
Sorry all, I am VERY new at this stuff. I was trying set up a vulnhub beginner machine for my school project. I can't figure out how to assign an IP address to a VM after importing it. The server is their and running.

I saw in the instructions for setting up a local lab using linux:
sudo cp /etc/network/interfaces{,.bak}
sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces ## what do I change here?
sudo service isc-dhcp-server restart (Or 'sudo service dhcpd-server restart')
Done! (Check by connecting another VM on the same virtual network)

Looks like an instruction was left out on how to change the /etc/network/interfaces file. Can someone help? After I change it, how do I assign an IP to an imported VM?

Re: Grab IP from DHCP????

PostPosted: 18. Jun 2021, 10:04
by mpack
I already answered basically the same question yesterday.