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Mic not working windows 10

PostPosted: 13. May 2021, 21:54
by Steven Harris

I'm running the latest version 6.0.2.r128162 (Qt5.9.5) with extentions and guest additions.
The Host is Ubuntu 18.04 (64bit) and the Guest is Windows 10 (64bit).

I can't seem to get the microphone to work in my Windows 10 Guest. VBox Audio is enabled, Host Audio Driver: PulseAudio, Audio Controller: Intel HD Audio, Extended Features Audio Output and Audio Input are both checked.
Pulse Audio shows activity on the Microphone input but the audio is not present in the Win10 Guest.

I have a Windows application that is an interface to a ham radio (Ham Radio Deluxe). The radio has a sound card in it that feeds the audio out from the radio into the Microphone input which Ham Radio Deluxe uses for digital communications. No audio is present from the microphone within the Win10 Guest.

Is anyone else having this issue?