uninstall option missing from help menu

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uninstall option missing from help menu

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When I run:

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sudo ./VirtualBox-6.1.16-140961-Linux_amd64.run --help
Makeself version 2.1.5
 1) Getting help or info about ./VirtualBox-6.1.16-140961-Linux_amd64.run :
  ./VirtualBox-6.1.16-140961-Linux_amd64.run --help   Print this message
  ./VirtualBox-6.1.16-140961-Linux_amd64.run --info   Print embedded info : title, default target directory, embedded script ...
  ./VirtualBox-6.1.16-140961-Linux_amd64.run --lsm    Print embedded lsm entry (or no LSM)
  ./VirtualBox-6.1.16-140961-Linux_amd64.run --list   Print the list of files in the archive
  ./VirtualBox-6.1.16-140961-Linux_amd64.run --check  Checks integrity of the archive
 2) Running ./VirtualBox-6.1.16-140961-Linux_amd64.run :
  ./VirtualBox-6.1.16-140961-Linux_amd64.run [options] [--] [additional arguments to embedded script]
  with following options (in that order)
  --confirm             Ask before running embedded script
  --noexec              Do not run embedded script
  --keep                Do not erase target directory after running
                        the embedded script
  --nox11               Do not spawn an xterm
  --nochown             Do not give the extracted files to the current user
  --target NewDirectory Extract in NewDirectory
  --tar arg1 [arg2 ...] Access the contents of the archive through the tar command
  --                    Following arguments will be passed to the embedded script
The uninstall option is clearly missing, which I think should be present. How can this be?
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