vboxmanage doesnt see running VM

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vboxmanage doesnt see running VM

Postby Rupat » 12. May 2021, 08:35

i had the problem that vboxmanage didnt show the Linux VMs that are currently running.
Also the GUI didnt see them.
I could SSH into the guests and everything inside the VM was working.

When I clicked in the GUI to show me the output it did start the VM while it was already running, so i got a broken filesystem after a reboot of the guest
After that I did shutdown all guests and restartet them. now it looks ok.

What can I do in this case? I have a nightly script that powers down the VM, copies the files and restarts them.
I fear that when vboxmanage doesnt see the running VM that it copies the files of an active VM and also tries to start an already running VM.

the host is a Centos Stream and i use the vbox service to start the VMs during boot.

any ideas?
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Re: vboxmanage doesnt see running VM

Postby scottgus1 » 12. May 2021, 16:06

If you are running these VMs with autostart or through a service or a "Task Scheduler", they are probably starting in a different account than the account you log in with. The VbxSVC service used by the logged-in account cannot see VMs running under another account.

Either work out a way to run the VMs under the account you will log in with, log in on the account running the VMs, or run the VMs after logging in.

Some VM-running services, such as 3rd-party VboxVMservice, have command-line actions to stop the VMs controlled by the service so the logged-in account can then run the VMs through the main Virtualbox window. These command could be scripted into the backup routine, if your chosen autostart method has such command.
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Re: vboxmanage doesnt see running VM

Postby Rupat » 17. May 2021, 08:46


the service starts the VMS as the User which whom I log in and work.
I think that is defined in /etc/vbox/virtualbox.cfg:

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default_policy = deny
itsupport = {
allow = true

usually the VMS appear when I run vboxmanage list runningvms as this user.
I can manually start and stop the VMs as this user.
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