Windows 2016 VM as VirtualBox host

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Windows 2016 VM as VirtualBox host

Postby KevinC » 5. Sep 2019, 17:35

We've got a VMware VM running Windows Server 2016 Standard for an OS. 32 GB RAM, 4 cores. We've installed VirtualBox 6.0.10. Installation goes fine and VirtualBox starts, but as as soon as you try to start a VM within VirtualBox - either a new machine or one imported regardless of OS of the guest, the entire Windows 2016 host VM crashes and restarts. Nothing gets recorded in the Windows event logs. There is no BSOD. Completely removed Cylance and reinstalled VirtualBox with no change. VBoxHardening log is cryptic at best. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Windows 2016 VM as VirtualBox host

Postby scottgus1 » 5. Sep 2019, 17:42

The logs are very cryptic, but the hardening log doesn't end with an exit code, so it never finished running.

Nested virtualization isn't supported, except in certain special situations, see: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=90831
You need an AMD processor, and Virtualbox as both layers at least. With VMware in the mix, I'd guess all bets are off. Try googling for "Virtualbox in a VMware host" or something similar.
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Re: Windows 2016 VM as VirtualBox host

Postby socratis » 6. Sep 2019, 00:51

00:00:02.448629 DMI Product Name: VMware7,1

That's right, currently the only supported option is: VirtualBox-on-VirtualBox with an AMD CPU host. That's it.
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