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error codes

Postby refshah » 19. Aug 2019, 12:59

Hello folks,

Is there no reference page listing all the (common) error codes so one can self-help or get some preliminary indication?

Trying a Win10 VM on a Windows host, I get below error:
Failed to open a session for the virtual machine Win10.

The virtual machine 'Win10' has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code -1073741424 (0xc0000190). More details may be available in 'C:\Users\msiadm\VirtualBox VMs\Win10\Logs\VBoxStartup.log'.

Result Code: E_FAIL (0x80004005)
Component: Machine
Interface: IMachine {480cf695-2d8d-4256-9c7c-cce4184fa048}

log file shows a lot of stuff, the only 'decodable' text was :
'\Device\HarddiskVolume4\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VirtualBox.exe' has no imports

so far, google searches have not presented any workable solutions

thus, reaching out to the community here please.
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Re: error codes

Postby mpack » 19. Aug 2019, 13:14

That error code comes from Windows (*), all VirtualBox does is log it. To find the meaning of Windows error codes I suggest you hit Google. E.g. "exception 0xc0000190". A good hit seems to be :- ... des.27852/

Which defines 0xc0000190 as "STATUS_TRUST_FAILURE", so I guess you have a hardening problem, e.g. a foreign DLL with a bad signature. FAQ: Diagnosing VirtualBox Hardening Issues.

(*) Speaking of which, this is not a "Using VirtualBox" question, being (a) not about using VirtualBox, (b) specific to Windows hosts. I'll move this topic to "Windows Hosts".
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