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Citrix Desktop player

PostPosted: 13. Aug 2019, 10:23
by jorrit

The retail company where i'm currently working at has several locations (around 250 with around 800 workstations) where we have windows 10 workstations with Citrix desktop player running.

The Citrix desktop player is a virtualization solution where it leans on a Virtualbox as the hyper-visor and the image distribution is being done through the Citrix synchronizer. So new VM workstation updates will centrally be distributed to al the locations. Citrix and Oracle had a partnership but that will end on the beginning of september. From that date the workstation will be not running any more with this solution and new licenses. This ( the fault at our company) was very late discovered and we are now looking for some alternatives.

We are right in the middle of designing a new desktop solution for this our environment only its to late to deploy an new image for in september for this location. My question, does anyone has any experience with a solution that can distribute virtual box images from a central environment that we can setup quick and dirty.



Re: Citrix Desktop player

PostPosted: 13. Aug 2019, 13:35
by scottgus1
In Virtualbox 6.0.# there is a cloud service you might try. Haven't tried it myself. See the manual, section 1.15.4 & 1.15.5

Guests can also be just imported and exported, as well as distributed through your own servers & VPNs.

Guests can also be simply copied & pasted by making folder copies of the guest folder.

Though I have not used the cloud system, the other two methods can be run via vboxmanage commands in batch scripts. The cloud system can also likely be vboxmanaged too.