Mouse Pointer disappears in Text Editor

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Mouse Pointer disappears in Text Editor

Postby Sadpanda » 12. Aug 2019, 14:06


After starting a Windows 10 virtual machine from VirtualBox that I setup, I've been having issues with the mouse pointer doing the following.
1. The mouse pointer will become much larger on my laptop. When I go to Notepad, Word, Visual Studio, etc. the large mouse pointer and the "I" symbol indicating you can type are both being rendered. I believe the normal behavior is that the "I" symbol would only appear. It should also be noted that this happens whether or not I've got a second monitor hooked up via HDMI.
2. I use my 65 inch Panasonic TV as a second monitor. While the mouse size is normal when moving it around there, the "I" symbol either disappears or is rendered as a very small dot.

For my setup, I have implemented "Insert Guest Additions CD Image". I've tried tweaking the following below after that was done.
1. In the Settings-->Display-->Graphics Controller, I've toggled this to be VBOXSVGA and VBOXVGA.
2. In the Settings-->System-->Motherboard-->Pointing Device, I've toggled it between USB Tablet and PS/2 Mouse.

I can turn on Mouse Integration and things will work on the Virtual Machine. However, I am remoting into work via RDC and then I experience lag with my mouse from my machine at work.

The final thing I'll add is that my setup on my old laptop with VirtualBox doesn't have any of the issues I'm experiencing with my new laptop. My old laptop uses Windows 7 OS locally and a Windows 10 Virtual Machine. The new laptop has Windows 10 locally and for the Virtual Machine.

Any ideas how to resolve?
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Re: Mouse Pointer disappears in Text Editor

Postby mpack » 12. Aug 2019, 15:01

Not a host question - moving topic to Windows Guests.

Did you install the Guest Additions? I don't mean "did you insert the CD", I mean did the GAs installer appear or did you launch it?
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Re: Mouse Pointer disappears in Text Editor

Postby Sadpanda » 12. Aug 2019, 15:20

The GAS Installer did not appear after I selected the "Insert Guest Additions CD Image" option from the toolbar.

I had to manually click on the "VBoxWindowsAdditions" from the D drive to run it there. So, after running that, full screen mode was being rendered correctly without any black around the edges.
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Re: Mouse Pointer disappears in Text Editor

Postby Sadpanda » 20. Aug 2019, 14:41

I'm still unsure what's going with my original issue and hadn't heard anyone else chime in with how to fix this.

Anyway, I setup another Windows 10 VM with the same iso file where everything works with my old laptop. Again, my old laptop has Windows 7 along with the Windows 10 VM and there isn't an issue when I log in into the VM and then remote into my work via VPN.

I've tried toggling the mouse, the Graphics Controller again with the second Windows 10 VM on my new laptop. However, it also has the same where the mouse disappears on my second monitor which is a 65 inch Panasonic TV.

At this point, there only two things that are different on the new laptop vs old laptop.
1. The new laptop uses a newer version of Virtualbox. I think it's 6.0.10 that's on the new laptop where my old laptop is using 6.0.8.
2. Old laptop uses Windows 7 as it OS and Windows 10 as the VM. The new laptop has Windows 10 for both the OS and the VM.

Should I roll back the version to use 6.0.8 on the new laptop?
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