Guru Meditation -2301 (VERR_REM_VIRTUAL_CPU_ERROR)

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Guru Meditation -2301 (VERR_REM_VIRTUAL_CPU_ERROR)

Postby CooperTom » 9. Aug 2019, 15:08

I have recently purchased a new PC, general spec as follows:-
AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor, 8GB RAM, 500GB 2.5" SSD, 1TB 3.5" HDD, Nvidia GT 710 1GB Graphics Card, Windows 10 Home Plus 64 Bit

I've installed latest Virtual Box Manager 6.0.10 r132072(Qt5.6.2) plus associated VBoxGuestAdditions. Have installed as guest OS Windows7 32bit.
On trying to install an antivirus package the system crashes just before the install proceedure finishes.

Trawling thro the previous tickets I have found several asking about the same problem and, I'm guessing, this is something to do with VT-x hardware acceleration.
If I try to enable this, the interface indicates a set up error because the host system does not have it enabled.

It appears that the Windows 10 Home Plus O/S doesn't allow me to change it as I can't find the appropriate settings box.
Searches on Google indicate that the Gpedit.msc utility has been disabled in Windows 10 Home Plus 64 Bit.

Your advice would be welcome

Attached is the relevant crash reports.

Thank you
Tom Cooper
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Re: Guru Meditation -2301 (VERR_REM_VIRTUAL_CPU_ERROR)

Postby scottgus1 » 9. Aug 2019, 15:18

Good on you for googling about! Most folks just say "My VM had a Guru Meditation what do I do?" & no logs... Arghh.

Your log has no mention of VT-x or AMD/V (this is AMD's name for VT-x - or is it VT-x is Intel's name for AMD/V?) that I can find. Out of curiosity, when you start a new guest, does the template list have any 64-bit guest options? If not, then your PC BIOS does not have AMD/V turned on. You will need to google for how to turn on AMD or Virtualization Technology or whatever your motherboard BIOS calls it.
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Re: Guru Meditation -2301 (VERR_REM_VIRTUAL_CPU_ERROR)

Postby erdeslawe » 9. Aug 2019, 15:34

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Re: Guru Meditation -2301 (VERR_REM_VIRTUAL_CPU_ERROR)

Postby CooperTom » 16. Aug 2019, 01:24

Hello again, Thanks both for your input, managed to find youtube video on how to turn on AMD version of virtualisation, SVM, via a BIOS setting. Did that and installed a new Windows 7 64 bit machine. Vbox wouldn't let me install 64 bit version before, I assume that it saw that SVM wasn't enabled.
Anyway, still can't load an antivirus package although the installation does get a lot further. Then it just freezes rather than crash so have to shut down the machine via the VirtualBox Manager.
At the moment I've given up on that and am now playing around with an Ubuntu Guest install, Trying to use the USB interface and that's freezing both the Host and Guest at the moment. Never played with Linux before so on a learning curve.


Thanks again
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Re: Guru Meditation -2301 (VERR_REM_VIRTUAL_CPU_ERROR)

Postby socratis » 16. Aug 2019, 01:57

CooperTom, if your original problem is solved, then we can mark the thread as such. If you have any other issues, we like to observe the "One issue, one thread" rule... ;)
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