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Re: Motherboard for Windows 10 Host

Postby mpack » 12. Aug 2019, 13:34

Bill. wrote:The person did not answer my question. Maybe the person didn't understand my question or maybe the person doesn't understand Virtualization.

I'd consider that was pretty certain. Unless it's needed to run Excel most people will have no idea what VT-x is.

You can try again to get a straight answer from them, but I don't know how long you want to keep flogging this dead horse. If the BIOS supports VT-d then it must support virtualization, whether or not it has an "Enable Virtualization" option. It could never provide VT-d support without it. So if you like you can just turn on VT-d: if it fails (because VT-x is not turned on) then you have grounds for complaint.
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Re: Motherboard for Windows 10 Host

Postby Bill. » 12. Aug 2019, 14:04

Hi mpack,

Ok. I understand your logic.

I am getting tired of the smell of this dead horse.

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Re: Motherboard for Windows 10 Host

Postby Bill. » 14. Aug 2019, 12:28

Surprise, surprise.

I followed up with Gigabyte for an N-th time, trying to clarify my question. This is their response:
The Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-X) is enabled automatically if CPU supports it.

I responded to them to update their manuals so other people don't ask the same question.

Thanks for your comments,
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Re: Motherboard for Windows 10 Host

Postby socratis » 14. Aug 2019, 19:08

First of all: all posts that mention VT-d, should be removed. :)

VT-d is not used for what you have in mind, it's completely irrelevant, and actually that's what made it confusing to get an answer. VT-d is "virtualization for I/O" and AFAIK it's not used by anyone in practice at this point. Maybe in the far future...

I've never heard of a "motherboard" not supporting VT-x, only a "CPU" not supporting VT-x. Actually, to be accurate, there were some specific computer manufacturers (not motherboard manufacturers) that were disabling on purpose the VT-x capabilities for marketing purposes alone. That practice stopped long time ago AFAIK.

And just to give you my two motherboards, "ASUS P5W DH Deluxe" from 2006 and "ASUS P5K Pro" from 2007, both have the enable/disable VT-x option.
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