updating guest win10 drivers says latest driver installed.

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updating guest win10 drivers says latest driver installed.

Postby 503340 » 22. May 2019, 22:05

Running windows 10/1809 host and copied this host using disk2vhd from Sysinternals/Microsoft. Booted virtual vhd copy of windows 10 and it ran for for a while then failed with "driver power state failure". After a LOT of searching and trying different configurations including "attempting to update drivers" on the guest, it still failed every time but at different times. Finally went back to the host system (The one I copied using disk2vhd) and checked drivers, lo and behold the network driver updated. So I made a new copy of the host and that copy has been running for several days. IE The guest win10 running under vbox doesnt seem to recognize that a newer driver for the network is available, but the native host win10 does recognize that a newer driver is available and performs the update.
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Re: updating guest win10 drivers says latest driver installed.

Postby socratis » 22. May 2019, 23:32

Your virtual machine has different "hardware" components than your previous physical host. In fact, if you have software components that look for the old hardware, you need to remove them.

You woulnd't expect to take a hard drive with an installation from computer A, stick it in computer B which has different hardware, and expect to still be looking for the hardware components of A, would you?
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