Keyboard and mouse not working

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Keyboard and mouse not working

Postby Cancerman » 20. May 2019, 01:42

Hi there!

I've been searching and testing the hints and solutions I found to solve my problem, but nothing changes the outcome. I want to install Rasberry Pi on a virtual machine in VBox 6, but when the ISO has loaded the install/start menu (like in DOS), NOTHING works. I can't move the selection line in the menu, I can't type a letter to make my selection, I can't click on the menu line I want to select. The system/VBox just freezes. I can't even close the window. I have to end the windows process.

I have set the video ram to 128 Mb, no empty USB filters, I have unticked and then re-ticked both the keyboard and the mouse input and clicked OK in between the untick and the re-tick, I have restarted my system (Asus Laptop, i7, 4 cores, 8 Gb RAM), uninstalled Hyper V, tried PS/2-setting instead. Nothing works to solve the problem. This is ridiculous. One shouldn't have to fix anything to get the absolute basic IO started/have it not to crash. Everything works fine in Win10 and all other apps, but not in Vbox. I mean...the keayboard works fine even in BIOS.

I hope someone can help me.

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Re: Keyboard and mouse not working

Postby socratis » 21. May 2019, 03:24

Cancerman wrote:I want to install Rasberry Pi on a virtual machine in VBox 6 ... This is ridiculous
This could also have simply been your post! :P

Who said Raspberry PI guests are supported? Where did you get it from so that we can try it?
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Re: Keyboard and mouse not working

Postby FlogToggle » 13. Aug 2019, 06:05

The Raspberry Pi Foundation have a specific version of the pi called Raspberry Pi Desktop (RPD) that can be found here downloads dot raspberrypi dot org slash rpd_x86_latest

FWIIW: I have downloaded that ISO image and installed it in VB6. I do not have the error reported by the OP and I also have most of the Guest Additions working.

I do have one problem and at the moment I am directing a query to the RPD forum (but may return here at some stage). The issue relates to the "type" of Debian image used during VM creation. I have found that choosing 32bit results in Guest Additions largely working, whilst choosing 64bit results in no Guest Additions working.

regards, Flog
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Re: Keyboard and mouse not working

Postby mpack » 13. Aug 2019, 10:30

"Keyboard and mouse not working" usually means that the user created a broad USB filter, yanked ownership of USB keyboard and USB mouse from the host and assigned one or both to a VM. He discovers that VirtualBox is a host application and is hard to use on a host which has no keyboard or mouse.

Cure: with the VM shut down (not suspended), disable USB support entirely in the VM settings.
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