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CPU allocation

PostPosted: 20. Jan 2019, 18:19
by cgallego
Hello, I have assigned all the CPUs to the virtual machine. Reason why the resources are available.

"00: 00: 04.865874 NumCPUs <integer> = 0x0000000000000002 (2)
  00: 00: 06.366199 CPUM: Physical host kernels: 2 "

please can you guide me on how to solve this problem, thanks

Re: CPU allocation

PostPosted: 20. Jan 2019, 18:50
by mpack
cgallego wrote:please can you guide me on how to solve this problem

Not without a log no, or at the very least a precise id of the CPU.

Re: CPU allocation

PostPosted: 22. Jan 2019, 21:34
by cgallego
Hello, I am enclosing the information of the VBOX where it informs where the CPUs are hosted, thanks.

Re: CPU allocation

PostPosted: 23. Jan 2019, 11:02
by mpack
Thanks for the log. I assume that your specific question is about improving the performance of this VM.

You have a dual core CPU (i3-5010U). You have assigned both cores to the Win10-64bit VM, leaving 0 cores for the exclusive use of your Win10-64bit host. I would say that this host does not have the free resources needed to run two copies of Win10-64bit smoothly at the same time.

I also cannot see any sign that the Guest Additions have been installed, so graphics performance will be poor.

You can't do anything about CPU use since both host and guest would be crippled if they only had one core. By sharing cores you simply must accept that heavy use in either guest or host can bring down the other. You should enable 2D acceleration in the VM settings and install the Guest Additions.

All Win10 installations use a lot of CPU and I/O when first installed.