Windows 10 install error: OOBEREGION

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Re: Windows 10 install error: OOBEREGION

Postby socratis » 30. Dec 2018, 01:32

cubetronic wrote:This is a duplicate of forum topic 90323 entitled "SOMETHING WENT WRONG OOBEREGION"
No, not really, they look alike, but the posted was different, so were the details of the VM. A "crash" may have the same end result, but not the same reason behind it. A very keen eye on your part on the other hand, you did your homework! Kudos! 8)

cubetronic wrote:SOLUTION:
Not actually. Downgrading is not the solution, it's a workaround. I personally have installed 1809 about 5-10 times so far, so have hundreds and hundreds of people. Without specific details, that simply is still a workaround...
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Re: Windows 10 install error: OOBEREGION

Postby Myea » 1. Feb 2020, 07:10

I am having a problem with creating a windows 10 vm on virtual box and here is the vm log attached. Please help
windows 10-2020-01-31-23-58-44.log
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Re: Windows 10 install error: OOBEREGION

Postby mpack » 1. Feb 2020, 10:30

I'd say that you need to get yourself a better host! The minimum recommended RAM for Windows 10 64bit is 2GB, and your host only has 1.5GB available. Win10 ideally needs a couple of CPU cores too. You also seem to have added a second DVD drive to your VM, and have the same Win10 install media mounted there. Nasty.

Your Win10 ISO seems to be the MSDN version, is that correct?

Btw, this topic concerns the OOBEREGION error. Do you actually have that error? If not then please don't hijack unrelated topics.
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