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Cannot install 5.2.23 r127298

PostPosted: 8. Dec 2018, 23:41
by lamikam
Installer gives windows error - A digitally signed driver is required. Windows block the installation of a digitally unsigned driver. 5.2.2 was installed previously w/o any issues.

Re: Cannot install 5.2.23 r127298

PostPosted: 9. Dec 2018, 01:15
by socratis
Where did you get 5.2.23 from? Maybe the Testbuilds page? Is there anything in that page that talks about digital signatures on Windows?

Installing Windows test builds

The Windows test build packages are working precisely like a usual VirtualBox installer packages, with one difference: they will not work (the error message will point to unsigned drivers) if you install them on Windows 10 if your system has UEFI secure boot enabled. To make these test build work you need to disable UEFI secure boot in the system's UEFI config.

Re: Cannot install 5.2.23 r127298

PostPosted: 10. Dec 2018, 03:25
by lamikam
OK thanks