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VirtualBox freezes up

PostPosted: 4. Dec 2018, 01:55
by jc1
I'm running VirtualBox Version 5.2.22 r126460 (Qt5.6.2) on a Windows 10 host with an Ubuntu 17 guest. Every once in a while my VM window freezes up and I believe it always happens when I move a window to or from an external monitor and my laptop screen. I've attached my VBox.log

Re: VirtualBox freezes up

PostPosted: 4. Dec 2018, 02:34
by socratis
jc1 wrote:Every once in a while

That's the problem, it's not easily reproducible, it's something... random more or less. Because in the 5 hrs long log that you provided, I see a lot of back and forth between successful display changes. And one that fails...

I don't have anything for you unfortunately, except maybe an advice to ZIP your logs next time.