USB - Failed to connect error message.

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USB - Failed to connect error message.

Postby kdcgec » 14. Aug 2008, 18:29


Anyone have some advise on why 7 times out of 10, USB devices fail to connect.
XP Pro host and Guest.

I have to uninstall drivers in the host and Virtualbox driver, reboot, before there is a chance that it will work.

Any advice or USB diagnostic tool would help.

Also, sometimes when connecting, the guest machine will freeze. Then I have use the Task Manager to kill the process.

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Failing with USB devices on WinXP host

Postby scunning » 24. Aug 2008, 06:39

I have not (yet) suceeded in making USB drives work when the Host is WinXP Pro SP-2

but here is a hint maybe

Using a Linux host same problem until i made a modification to the Linux fstab file to modify the permissions of the usb devices

as stock the permissions were 644 but changing to 664 made the difference

also created a group for usb--put myself into that group and that GID went into the fstab file

Now this is a bunch of Linux jargon but it points to a permissions issue and maybe that's ahint. I am now trying to see how I can do a simliar thing within WinXP as the host. So start looking around for something about permissions for USB devices

I do not have a solution but I have a trail I am going to follow
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Postby Sasquatch » 24. Aug 2008, 12:36

I'm pretty sure that it's not a permission problem, as most people on Windows machines run as administrator. For Linux, you are by default a normal user with limited privileges and need to provide a command and authentication to execute files as a super user (root).

Is the error you get something like "Unable to capture USB device, it appears to be busy."? If so, then remove the USB device from the USB port, give focus to the VM (click inside it) and insert the USB device again. Be sure to have the proper filters set for the device (an empty filter will let it grab any device that is inserted).
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