VBOXDRV cannot stop showing STATE : 3 STOP_PENDING

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VBOXDRV cannot stop showing STATE : 3 STOP_PENDING

Postby LAU » 6. Dec 2017, 01:02

During Installation of my application I need to update (silently) VirtualBox from ver.5.1.30 to ver.5.2.2.
1. First I am stooping VBox processes one by one ( because VBox could be open and I do this using my app), but something like this:
sc stop vboxnetlwf
sc stop vboxusbmon
sc stop vboxdrv
2. Running VBox install 5.2.2 and after
3. starting processes:
sc start vboxnetlwf
sc start vboxusbmon
sc start vboxdrv

I didn't have any problem from updates ver. 5.1.14 to 5.1.30, but now from ver.5,1.30 - I cannot stop process vboxdrv, I always got error : STATE : 3 STOP_PENDING
It never stopped
All processes starting fine after reboot, but I really need it works without rebooting computer, I don't need a reboot during my installation.

Thank you very much for help!
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