Host/guest processes at idle, cpu usage zero, CPU power output high

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Host/guest processes at idle, cpu usage zero, CPU power output high

Postby Buzzington » 14. Nov 2017, 00:07

Hi :) My apologies if this has been covered, or isn't even a VirtualBox-related issue. I've read the rules and several other similar looking threads to no avail...

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate x64, with VirtualBox 5.2.0 - I have 6 virtual machines with many variations in settings. I run Manjaro, Mint and Solus VMs, plus a clone of my host OS, W8.1 and an ancient single-core XP machine (not all at once!)
I'm running my setup on an AMD A8-7600 with 8GB of DDR3-2133 RAM, using the iGPU on the processor. I noticed that when I start and run a virtual machine, the host and guest task managers will show little or no load at idle, as I would expect. However, unlike other posts I've read, there's virtually no load apparent on any process, despite HWMonitor showing that both compute modules (A8 not really so much a quad core as a dual-dual core) are running almost flat out, in my case, around 16-18w apiece. Utilitisation on HWMonitor shows the same as both guest and host task managers.

I thought maybe it was a bug in HWMonitor, since Process Explorer, Task Manager and generally looking at every available setting yielded no help. I also thought perhaps that the package output power was a mistake, going from about 25w idle to over 50w when a virtual machine was running, however, I know something is definitely going on since the cpu temperature is definitely rising, as well as the cpu fan speed.

Am I right in thinking that virtualisation seems to have two power states - full on or off - or is this some odd bug with my hardware or software? Beyond this, VirtualBox works like a dream - all the VMs bar XP are running on 2 cores, with 2GB of memory and using different settings for sound/usb/network. As it stands, installing a test OS onto my old laptop and running it next to my PC would use less power but this isn't a viable solution where space is at a premium. :)
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