Win10 64-bit - VBoxSDL 5.2: exception when resuming VM from saved state

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Win10 64-bit - VBoxSDL 5.2: exception when resuming VM from saved state

Postby Hopachi » 11. Nov 2017, 22:01


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Running on host Win10 1703 / 1709 64-bit

I've been using the SDL frontend to run some old games in fullscreen in an Win XP VM.
The way I'm using vboxsdl in Windows is via bat file:
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@echo off
"%programfiles%\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxSDL.exe" --startvm "xp" --fullscreen --fullscreenresize

Following ticket #11517 I could run the sdl frontend in windows via the windib driver.

Basically I launch the VM via bat file. Then it goes to fullscreen. Via <hostkey> + s I save the machine state. In all used Virtualbox versions, from 4.3.12 to 5.1.30, there were no issues whatsoever: the vm could be resumed via same sdl command / bat launching it. So From Virtuabox 5.2.0 (actually from beta1 already) onwards, I cannot get the VM resumed if it was saved: there is an exception error shown each time.
exception shown in vm log
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Capture.PNG (13.31 KiB) Viewed 72 times

What's intersting is the fact that same machine saved state can sucesfully be resumed in the regular frontend.
The success log is also provided labelled -ok:
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Also, if the exception occurs, the host will notify on shutdown that Virtualbox Interface still has active connection. I believe the crash leaves other background processes running.
Other thing I've noticed is that a saved state can be succesfully resumed afterwards if no host shutdowns occur in between the launches. Win10 uses hybrid shutdown, could be a driver issue, still early to tell.

Is this because of chances in 5.2? Are there pure-fullscreen alternatives to vboxsdl frontend?
Any ideas are most appreciated.

I've avoided the regular (virtualbox.exe) frontend's fullscreen because of the toolbar and additions resolution changes; I need fixed fullscreen that the simple sdl ui was able to provide.

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