Frozen issue because of Network

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Frozen issue because of Network

Postby smhkykci » 8. Nov 2017, 20:43

Hi everyone;
I have Vm on my Windows 10,and Vm includes XP and WIN-7 , When I did activate/Enable Network for each of them or one of them, that VM Windows is almost froze, so so slow, getting desktop takes 5 minutes almost after start.. If i disable network ,i dont have any problem. And i dont want to remove or reinstall my Vm, is there any solution without reinstall? Vm version : 5.1.28 r117968 (Qt5.6.2) ( just updated afew days ago ) Thanks on now for Support, and i m also new here and i started to use VM afew months ago, reply me directly please for more informations..and asnwers :)
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