Windows 7 host hibernation issue

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Windows 7 host hibernation issue

Postby c7rolek » 8. Nov 2017, 17:57

VirtualBox 5.1.22r115126, Windows7x32 guest with NAT type network and Windows 7x64 SP1 host with i5 and 12GB RAM.
When virtual system is on, the host counts hibernation issues (volmgr error 45) when host's hibernation should take a place. This issue is not starting with virtual system start but appears after some time and is clearly connected to VBOX.
I tried to reproduce this issue manually but without success. I often close the lid to put host (with guest still on) to sleep and have never experienced any issues at wake process.
But sooner or later the host will stop hibernating (volmgr error 45) and when this happens the only solution to fix this is to rerun guest machine (or restart host).
It fixes the host's hibernation issue. But it is not convenient. I leave the guest on to speed up things for next day. I have enough memory to do this.

I have found somewhere the advice that hibernation issues are connected to vboxnetflt module but I don't know if I can disable it somehow to make additional tests. I have set the hibernation to 100% on host so this is not the issue that hib file is to small and host is able to put whole ram to disk.
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