Guru Meditation at random times on a specific host

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Guru Meditation at random times on a specific host

Postby puxasaku » 3. May 2017, 22:08


for at least 6/7 years i had no idea of this Guru, and i've been working with VirtualBox with plenty of VMs and guest OSs.
Until now... I've two servers with 36 Gb Ram and 2 x Intel Xeon X5365 @ 3.00GHz, and whatever i try, on both machines, randomly, here comes the Guru...
Now the host is with Windows 7 x64 Enterprise, and the example log on the attach file is a VM with Linux Mint x64 Ubuntu based. At the time of the specif crash i was running a script to install Re.Dash... but the machine can crash at multiple occasions. I have the CPUs VT support enabled on the bios (as i'd read here on the forum as a typical cause for this failure), and i'd tried everything possible on the VM configuration.
16 Gb Ram, 4 cores, more cores, less cores, 1 core, Enable/disable PAE/NX, enable/disable VT-x, display with 3D acceleration or not, more and less video memory, etc...
I'm out of ideas...
Guest additions are installed, i'm using the latest version of virtualbox...

Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Hopping for a real Guru to help me... :idea:

Log and print screen
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Re: Guru Meditation at random times on a specific host

Postby mpack » 4. May 2017, 10:23

00:50:37.205703 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:50:37.205704 !!
00:50:37.205704 !! VCPU2: Guru Meditation -2701 (VERR_VMM_RING0_ASSERTION)
00:50:37.205748 !!
00:50:37.205789 !!R0-Assertion Failed!!

I suggest that you look for other software on your host that may be trying to use VT-x.
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