USB Ethernet Adapter Issue

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USB Ethernet Adapter Issue

Postby geguze » 24. Sep 2015, 23:24


I have the following issue with an usb ethernet adapter. I read a lot of posts on the topic but I could not arrive to a solution. Maybe I am mixing up the many different solutions people have provided :shock:

So the host machine is a windows 7 and I have virtual box running Ubuntu 14.04. Virtualbox perfectly connects the interface eth0 with my onboard ethernet, however I am having issues with the eth1 (usb adapter).

I tried the following:

1) Added a second adapter with a Bridge Adapter, selected the USB adapter and chose the Adapter Type (under Advanced) as Intel Pro/1000 MT Desktop

Under Ubuntu I see eth1 now, but no ip address is assigned. Whenever I try to assign one using ifconfig, the ip address stays for a bit and then disappears ... If i ping
the machine on the other side the ping responds for a while and then stops. A new ifconfig command shows the ip address of eth1 empty :?

2) I tried to install the adapter as USB (not under network) and when I boot ubuntu in the virtual box, I now see a eth2 interface. But again without any ip assigned. If I set one using ifconfig I can again ping for a while and then resets. :?

I installed Virtualbox with GuestEdtion and extensions.

Any clue ? I think that given that the interface does not come up with an ip address assigned it is a VirtualBox issue.

I also tried to follow another set of posts where there was the suggestion to follow 2) but to plug in the usb adapter only *after* the VirtualBox and Ubuntu started ... nothing ... same behavior as described above.

Any idea at this point would be really appreciated!

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Re: USB Ethernet Adapter Issue

Postby BillG » 25. Sep 2015, 03:53

If you set the adapter to bridged mode, the vm will expect to see a DHCP server on the physical network and get its network config from there.

Is the host on a home network? How does the host get its network config?
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Re: USB Ethernet Adapter Issue

Postby srabhi » 3. Sep 2019, 18:58

I had the same problem of losing connection with USB-Ethernet adapter. It worked for me with reinstalling Guest additions and installing updates in guest OS.
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Re: USB Ethernet Adapter Issue

Postby socratis » 5. Sep 2019, 01:59

The Guest Additions have nothing to do with the networking, or the USB support. Something else might have jolted the system back to its senses. Or the OS updates.
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