4.3.22 Ubuntu 10.04 guest network restarts often

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Re: 4.3.22 Ubuntu 10.04 guest network restarts often

Postby michaln » 25. Feb 2015, 02:20

koshimagap wrote:Would aforementioned DHCP issue outlined explain my VPN issue or is this likely unrelated?

It's almost certainly the same problem.
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Re: 4.3.22 Ubuntu 10.04 guest network restarts often

Postby svenakela » 25. Feb 2015, 03:30

klaus wrote:We found the cause... turned out that some cases of DHCP lease renewal on the host triggered the link flap for the VM, which was meant to happen only if anything related to DNS configuration actually changed (to maintain network connectivity when the host switches to a different network, e.g. when using a VPN or moving between work and home). This definitely happened only on Windows host, no other host OSes were affected.

For an immediate fix, please pick up the latest Windows test build from https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Testbuilds

Note: no need to update the guest additions or the extension pack, the vanilla 4.3.22 do the job nicely. Oh, and if you switched to the PCNet card, don't forget to switch back to the appropriate E1000 variant supported by the guest OS.

I can confirm as well that the latest build seems to keep the NIC up. Installed revision 98520.
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Re: 4.3.22 Ubuntu 10.04 guest network restarts often

Postby mpack » 25. Feb 2015, 13:24

I think this thread has run its course, and in any case was always a redundant duplication of Discuss the 4.3.22 release. See the first post there for a link to the test build that fixes the above problem.
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