VirtualBox stops drag&drop from working on host OS (WinX

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VirtualBox stops drag&drop from working on host OS (WinX

Postby david_n_m_bond » 4. Apr 2008, 11:21

When I run VirtualBox 1.5.6 on my fully-patched WinXP host, with a Windows Server 2003 VM (extensions installed), drap-and-drop *within the host OS* never works.

Even when I shut down VirtualBox, and no processes remain, drag-and-drop does not work.

Any clues? TIA,

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Postby Sasquatch » 4. Apr 2008, 16:56

So, even if the VM is on or off, you can't move files using drag & drop, correct? If that is the case, this is not a VirtualBox issue, you have to look somewhere else for support on this. This is a fault in your Host system, VB has not nothing to do with that. If it happened after you installed VB, try to look in your Add/Remove programs list to see what else installed on that day, and the days before. One of them might be the culprit.
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Drag and drop issue

Postby david_n_m_bond » 4. Apr 2008, 19:12

The Drag and drop issue occurs as soon as VirtualBox VM starts. Yes, it remains afterwards, but that's like saying that an apple that has had the worm removed is responsible for the hole.
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Postby over_clox » 6. Apr 2008, 07:35

It took me a little while to figure this one out too. Believe it or not, it's a problem between Windows and keyboard capture/release. See Keyboard Capture on Multiple Monitors and KB Capture Bugs under Suggestions for more information.

The quick fix for you is to tap the Esc key. Windows occasionally gets confused like that and thinks you're holding down a key that you aren't, and tapping it refreshes its state. If you hold the Esc key down and attempt to drag, you can clearly see this reproduces the problem. Yep, that's it, just tap Esc. No reboot required for that, but it does get a little annoying.
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Postby david_n_m_bond » 7. Apr 2008, 10:20


Thanks for your reply! The bug has not recurred yet, but I will try your suggestion. Thanks in advance on the assumption that it works!
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Re: VirtualBox stops drag&drop from working on host OS (WinX

Postby Aren Cambre » 18. Jan 2012, 00:11

Oh, wow, here we are almost 4 years later and this bug still exists with 4.1.8.

The ESC trick worked perfectly for me!

Are there any bug reports for this?
Aren Cambre
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Re: VirtualBox stops drag&drop from working on host OS (WinX

Postby morty » 13. Mar 2012, 19:58

In the year twenty-twelve, this still isn't fixed.

Thank SPAM_SEARCH it is an easy temporary solution to hit the ESC key.
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Re: VirtualBox stops drag&drop from working on host OS (WinX

Postby mpack » 13. Mar 2012, 20:25

What fix would you suggest? It's the host that's confused (I guess it missed a key-up event), not VirtualBox or the guest. How would VirtualBox detect or prevent this confusion? I suppose this can happen any time the host is a bit busy. I also suspect that any bug reports should be addressed to Microsoft: after all, how is it possible that any application can affect how the host OS manages the keyboard?
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