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Virtualbox on XP Professional?

PostPosted: 1. Apr 2008, 23:42
by drmoore1
I read where it said XP all service pack but does this include professional or not? Because I am getting:

Fatal: No bootable medium found. System halted!

PostPosted: 1. Apr 2008, 23:43
by Sasquatch
It runs with every Windows, I have 2003 and XP running just fine. Is the cd/iso bootable? Check that first.

PostPosted: 1. Apr 2008, 23:56
by drmoore1
How can I check that?

PostPosted: 2. Apr 2008, 11:12
by Sasquatch
You already have, VB doesn't boot it. If it's a CD then try to boot your computer with it. If it's an ISO file, open it with an ISO program, that will tell you if it's bootable or not. Are you also sure you mounted the disk properly?