Virtualbox 4.2.6 issues

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Virtualbox 4.2.6 issues

Postby ouuxcube » 30. Jan 2013, 07:37

I'm using macbook pro for my first time, and really confused how the whole application installation/uninstallation works. I tried downloading IE9 thinking that the Mac computers use it, unfortunately for not. I decided to try virtualbox 4.2.6 on my mac running the latest version of os x (mountain lion 10.8). after installation, i downloaded IE6 for a test. On trying to load it with Wins XP, windows xp requested for an administrative password which i tried that of my mac and it declined consistently. I became really frustrated and started reading online comments on how to fix this bug. After tireless unsuccessful attempts, i decided to completely uninstall virtualbox using appZapper. Also located the VMs machine folder containing IE6 in users and deleted that too, and even went on to emptying my trash. after reinstalling virtualbox, it brought up the existing IE6 machine i had installed earlier with a new bug. It said the machine was inaccessible because the UUIDs didn't match. I have spent the last 3days reading comments and trying to fix the problems, but at the course, i have created about 6 other inaccessible machines. I even recently created a VM machine again, but after messing up my Wins XP from trying to reset the password with ophacrak, it won't load Wins XP properly as it gets to the safe mode or normal start and keeps counting down time to 0 then start all over again. My question is: now that i have deleted those folders in my users, is there anyway that i can completely uninstall virtualbox and all of it's saved settings and saved files and install a fresh one? Thanks for your help in advance
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Re: Virtualbox 4.2.6 issues

Postby noteirak » 30. Jan 2013, 08:42

Maybe a clarification about a confusion you have and that make this a hell for you :
Any VM you create in Virtualbox is NOT LINKED to your OSX. Any password, any account, anything you do is NOT LINKED to your OSX installation.
You have to see a VM like a separate PC, the real physical thing, somewhere, and that's it!

If your WinXP ask you for a password, then it's the password of your WinXP that you have entered earlier (mandatory step to finish installation).
If you obtained a custom XP installatin, there is no telling what has been changed and what is the default Admin password...
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