Windows 7 -> Telnet or SSH on VirtualBox Linux (red hat)

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Windows 7 -> Telnet or SSH on VirtualBox Linux (red hat)

Postby JohnSmith » 26. Oct 2012, 17:28

I have a Linux on VirtualBox under Windows 7, and I would like to start a TELNET or SSH connection from Windows to Linux, but there are something missing on it. It seems that the connections are ok, because I have internet on Linux, the IP and mask network are the same level, and on Windows, I can PING to Linux. The connection type on virtualbox is bridge (but I have already tested NAT), the telnet and ssh are activated on Linux.
The other option would be firewall, but I am not sure if it is.
Does anyone have any idea or know how to fix it?
the other option would be to have an emulator on Linux, because the terminal is not working some keyboard - termcap for vt100 or vt320.
tks in advance, best regards.
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Re: Windows 7 -> Telnet or SSH on VirtualBox Linux (red hat)

Postby Perryg » 26. Oct 2012, 18:10

I doubt this has anything to do with VirtualBox since you are using bridged and can see the guest from the host. I would check the configuration of the guest in particular the ports and make sure they are open.
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