After Installing VirtualBox on Windows 7, WiFi radio is off

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After Installing VirtualBox on Windows 7, WiFi radio is off

Postby iSteve » 25. Jul 2012, 14:08

After installing VirtualBox 4.1.12 on Windows 7 then when ever my HP EliteBook 8460p wakes up the WiFi radio is off and I have to open Windows Mobility Center (WinKey+X) and turn it back on. It is quite annoying. I have seen this on previous versions of Virtual Box, but it was not until many of my co-workers began installing VirtualBox and immediately after started seeing the same behavior that I finally figured out when the problem started. Our IT department cannot figure out the solution, and of course just fall back to re-installing the Windows 7 OS... and of course the problem goes away until I need VirtualBox to be installed again.

Has anyone found a solution for this problem (other than don't install VirtualBox and switch to VMware)?
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Re: After Installing VirtualBox on Windows 7, WiFi radio is

Postby Perryg » 25. Jul 2012, 14:27

These kinds of problems that are reproducible should be reported to bugtracker. If you have not signed on to Bugtracker before you will need to select a new Nickname to be able to report issues.
It would also help if you can post the ticket number here so other can see the progress, add information, or see the final results.
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