Connecting USB device to VM before booting

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Connecting USB device to VM before booting

Postby JASConsultant » 4. May 2012, 03:45

I am trying to create a clone of an existing XP system through VirtualBox on a WIN7 Pro 64. I have made images of my existing XP disks using Macrium that are stored on a USB drive. I would like to boot from the Macrium Rescue CD and restore the images from the USB drive. I don't know how to make the USB drive connected to the Win7 host visible to to the VM. On the "Settings" category, I have enabled USB Emulation and have set a USB filter (witn nothing in it). When I start the VM, I successfully boot from the Macrium CD (using an .iso image) but no USB devices appear to select the restore files. What am I doing wrong? Or is what I am trying simply not possible? Thank you for any assistance.
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Re: Connecting USB device to VM before booting

Postby mpack » 4. May 2012, 10:17

FYI: "clone of an existing system" is referred to around here as a P2V, short for Physical To Virtual migration. I tell you this so you can recognize the relevance of previous discussions on this site.


Why not just use Disk2VHD and save all the hassle? VirtualBox supports VHDs, but I personally would next convert the VHD to VDI format using CloneVDI.

However, if you insist on doing it the your way then the following linked thread linked discusses several ways to do it. The thread talks about Acronis but the Macrium solution would be the same. Be sure to read the entire thread, as several solutions are given by the end, including the USB option.

Accessing huge Acronis Images After a CD Boot ... 7&p=109762

NOTE: Regardless of whether you use Macrium or Disk2VHD, it pays to prepare an XP system prior to making a virtual image of it. The necessary preparations are described here. The wiki is somewhat old, so you should ignore the awful "Step by Step" instructions 3 and 4 for imaging a drive using dd and VBoxManage. Instead image your drive with Disk2VHD or Macrium as discussed above.
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