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Postby macbean » 5. Nov 2017, 18:02

Host OS: Windows 10
Virtualbox version: 5.2

using jujube for 5.2

Everything works exactly as described however I have one issue.

within my linux guest (ubuntu 16.04) with guest additions and extension pack installed I have three mapped drives using vboxsf. When I manually start the system, these drives mount fine. When I start it using vboxvmservice, they do not mount automatically, nor do they mount manually. I think the error is 'protocol error' but realistically, i'm fairly certain it is because the guest os does not see shared drives via vboxsf when started using vboxvmservice. The error I receive is the same one I saw when trying to mount the drives when I hadn't actually shared them via the gui.

is there some extra step involved when using vboxvmservice AND drives mapped through vboxsf?
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