Aero not working (Intel HD Graphics)

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Aero not working (Intel HD Graphics)

Postby amp » 21. Sep 2011, 05:59



Graphics card: i5 CPU with Intel HD Graphics latest version 2509
Host: Windows 7 x64
Guest: Windows 7 x86

I've been using virtualbox for some time using the basic 3D drivers. Today I figured why not try to activate aero. I removed basic video drivers (safe mode) and installed the latest version of the WDDM driver (4.1.2).

Windows boots fine but whenever I try activate aero nothing happens. If I try to run any direct3d application it shutsdown instantly without any error message. When I run dxdiag to check if direct3d is enabled it also closes instantly without any error message.

Checking device manager it says driver is fine with no conflicts.

I wonder what could be causing this problem. Does the WDDM driver support intel HD graphics ?

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Re: Aero not working (Intel HD Graphics)

Postby stefan.becker » 21. Sep 2011, 06:51

If 3d in guest settings is activated with 128 vga ram and guest additions are correctly installed, then there is nothing you can do. It works or not. If not, buy another host vga or use windows native.
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Re: Aero not working (Intel HD Graphics)

Postby wacher » 23. Sep 2011, 11:26

There is a topic with Intel graphics already here
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