shortcut keys in a Guest OS

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shortcut keys in a Guest OS

Postby theprism » 9. May 2011, 16:44


Does anyone know how I can use the standard shortcut keys in a Guest Windows OS? Like CTRL+Home or CTRL+End?... and other of course...

Thank you,

Alexei Cornea


•Version of VirtualBox installed: VirtualBox-4.0.6-71416-Win
•Type and version of the Host Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
•Type and version of the Guest OS: Windows XP SP3

•What are you trying to accomplish: Disable all VirtualBox keyboard shortcut keys, so I can use shortcut keys in the Guest OS. (for example: CTRL+Home, CTRL+End etc.)
•What did you expect and what was the result: For example by doing CTRL+Home in the Guest OS's notepad I was expecting to go to the top of the document.

Attempted Resolutions:
•Have you searched the User Manual?
•What have you attempted and what was the result of each attempt?
Looked in all menus. No results so far.
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Re: shortcut keys in a Guest OS

Postby Perryg » 9. May 2011, 16:52

You can change the host key to what ever you need. As for the ctrl+home key you can use the left crtl+home if you leave the host set to the right ctrl key.
So if the right ctrl key is what you use most of the time then switch the host key to the left ctrl or to some other key that you don't use regularly.
Of course you can also disable the host key (not suggested) in the preference section of VirtualBox.
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