change the location of .virtualbox folder

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change the location of .virtualbox folder

Postby zoub09 » 3. Mar 2011, 23:31

I want to know if it's possible to change the location of the .virtualbox folder
Actually is in "C:\Documents and Settings\myprofile"
I want to put it in "C:\Documents and Settings\myprofile\Application Data"

Why ?
because i have created a VM on my profile and i want that other users can use this VM with the same parameters

Thank's for the answer
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Re: change the location of .virtualbox folder

Postby larryr » 4. Mar 2011, 20:32

If you want other users to be able to use it you need to add the global system environment variable

VBOX_USER_HOME=C:\VBOX (or where everyone can get to it, Document and Setting\myprofile should not be accessible by anyone else.)

You make a global system environment variable by doing a right click on My Computer and select Properties - then select the Advanced tab - then the Environment button near the bottom then the new button under Systems Variables the variable name is VBOX_USER_HOME and the variable value is the path like C:\VBOX.

copy the .virtualbox contents from you myprofile to the C:\VBOX (or what you called it) and reboot and everyone can see the Virtual Machines. At that point you can remove the contents of your myprofile\.virtualbox directory ( I left it incase some Vbox upgrade needs it).
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Re: change the location of .virtualbox folder

Postby zoub09 » 4. Mar 2011, 23:38

thank's larryr
I'll try your solution
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