Can't Install or uninstall Virtual box

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Can't Install or uninstall Virtual box

Postby rdgmello » 7. Feb 2011, 14:21

Hi! I had installed a 3.x version, i'm not sure about what version, then when i tried to install version 4.0.2 i've had the following message:

Could not open key:
Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel.

Well, i'd try to uninstall older version before install the newer and had the same message. I'd use Revo uninstaller, which had the same result. Could someone help? My OS is Windows SP3... Thanks a lot!!!
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Re: Can't Install or uninstall Virtual box

Postby Capati » 18. Feb 2011, 21:42

I have this exact issue when I tried to update virtualbox to 4.0.4 version. I found this thread in search to look some fix, but it's simple to fix.

In my case I followed this steps:

1. Go to the key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products\61C7FCDACA3CBFA47A8369C8685A2CFC\SourceList\Media
2. Right click in Media folder, select Permissions from the menu.
3. You will see that is no user, on the "Permissions for..." dialog box which appears next, press the "Add.." button and add in the "All"
4. Back on the first "Permissions for..." dialog box, click on each account in the top-list and make sure each has the "Full Control = Allow" and "Read = Allow" permissions
5. Click the "Advanced" button and the "Advanced Security Settings" dialog box appears
6. On the "Permissions tab" enable the checkmark box named "Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object", then press the "Apply" button
7. On the "Owner" tab, highlight the "Administrators" name in the lower listbox, enable the checkmark box called "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects" and press the "Apply Button"

Repeat the previous 2 steps once more. This time around you shouldn't get any errors about not being able to update the permissions on the child keys.

Exit these dialog boxes by pressing the "Ok" button, so that you are back to the main registry editor.

Go and re-run the VirtualBox installer. It is recommended that you right-click on its icon and execute "Run as administrator..." if available

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Re: Can't Install or uninstall Virtual box

Postby fabriciobr » 15. Jan 2013, 08:48


I am facing the same problem and was not able to properly execute those steps 1-7, as I receive the message "Access denied", saying that it was not possible to save changes made to the folder Media.

Any new insights on this issue? I already tried this after restarting and after shuting down the VirtualBox service.

Best regards,

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Re: Can't Install or uninstall Virtual box

Postby noteirak » 15. Jan 2013, 16:32

This isn't a Virtualbox problem.

Something or someone changed permissions on your computer which cause you to have some denied access to registery keys.
These keys just happen to belong to Virtualbox, but it could have been any other program, and most likely, Virtuabox is not the only one affected, you just didn't realise about the others yet.

Your best bet for help would be on Microsoft support websites.
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