Logitech MX Revolution

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Logitech MX Revolution

Postby azulmarino » 17. Dec 2007, 07:55

Host: Windows Vista Ultimate
Guest: Debian etch
Mouse: Logitech wireless MX Revolution (usb receiver)

My mouse has a pair of page back and forward side buttons and horizontal scrolling functionality that are not functional by default in my Linux guest, actually those buttons are only recognized if the mouse itself is detected as a usb device by the guest, which you can proove by typing:

cat /proc/bus/input/devices

and using:


to check each mouse key number.

For that, a usb filter for the mouse receiver has to be set in the VM configuration, and that means two possibilities:

1. if the Linux guest additions are not installed, the mouse pointer cannot escape the guest window anyway.

2. if Linux guest additions are installed, both host and guest loose the mouse pointer, and I have to close the VM by Host+H to regain mouse functionality in the host.

Any idea on how to set or work around this?
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