Help Getting Wacom Tablet Working on XP

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Help Getting Wacom Tablet Working on XP

Postby kumori » 30. Aug 2010, 08:06

I have a PC running Windows 7 64-bit which is incompatible with my old Wacom Serial Tablet. I have the latest VirtualBox running Windows XP, which I know the tablet is compatible with. Basically I connect the tablet to my PC through a Serial-to-USB adapter. The XP virtual machine recognizes the adapter and it also detects the connected tablet. I install the drivers for both the adapter and the tablet with no errors. However, VirtualBox does not respond to any input from the tablet. I should be able to use the pen and tablet to move the mouse cursor, but it doesn't work.

Virtualbox "sees" my tablet connected, but I can't use the tablet. Is there any way I can get full tablet functionality in VirtualBox?

Thanks for any help.
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