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Postby screwfox » 4. Dec 2007, 10:09

HELP Please.

I have a MS Virtual Server 2005 R2 Enterprise image - VHD that I wish to convert to a VDI and use with VirtualBox.

I have used VMWARE converter to clone the running server and create a VMDK image. I was unable to convert to VHD straight to a VMDK as I got an error, so I thought I'd start the Virtual Server, and point VMWARE converter to it (as it sees this as a box to convert). I succesfully created a VMDK image. - This image IS working with VMWare player, but as soon as I start it in VirtualBox - I get the blue screen of death.

I then converted the VMDK into a VDI using virtualbox's VDITool - but no joy. - same blue screen of death

Is there an easier way to convert my image? and why does it bluescreen?

Any ideas??
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Postby felipegeek » 30. Dec 2007, 06:04


If you are getting a 0x0000007b error then likely the conversion using VMware Converter made the IDE disk driver an Intel-chipset specific busmastering driver. (It is what VMware emulates.) To boot an image restored to a physical PC or to a different virtual machine system that has different chipsets from the source image you need to change the IDE driver to the lowest common denominator 'Standard IDE Controller' driver.

In the VMware Player boot your image. Go to the Device Manager -> IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers -> Right-click on the Intel 82801 IDE driver entry and select Properties -> Driver tab -> Update -> No, Not at this time -> Install from a specifc location -> Don't Search... -> Select 'Standard Dual Channel IDE Controller' and click Next. Continue on any further installation prompts. After rebooting the VM and going back to the Device Manager the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller should list 'Standard Dual Channel..' Now if you convert it you have a likely higher chance of getting it to boot. You can also Ghost this image to restore to physical hardware with some decent chance of initial booting success.

Other factors that can cause blue screen errors are incompatible HALs as well. That is another topic altogether.

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