VBoxNetFlt.sys causes crash?

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VBoxNetFlt.sys causes crash?

Postby Zone99 » 17. May 2010, 04:05

I recently installed VirtualBox (apparently the new beta) and then uninstalled it after a few trials.

When I installed, the install seemed to hang after a point and never finished. However, my system rebooted and when it came back up, VirtualBox was working.

Unfortunately, I now seem to be left with a crash problem on my system.

Virtualbox seems to have installed the following files:


and didn't uninstall them.

VBoxNetFlt.sys seems to be the culprit in some recent crashes as shown by examining the crash dump.

I tried moving these to another location but, when I did so, I lost my network connection. (I moved them to a subfolder, rebooted and then brought up a browser. I initially connected to
Google but then a minute later, the network connection on my machine was disabled. I also could not browse my internal network. Restoring the files restored my network connection).

I'm looking for a little advice here. How do I get rid of these files so they don't cause further issues? Should I upload the crash dump somewhere?

Should I reinstall and then uninstall to see if it works any better?

Thanks in advance.

System details:

- Windows 7 64 bit
- Radeon X1650 Pro
- Asus P5Q Pro motherboard
- 6 GB ram
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Re: VBoxNetFlt.sys causes crash?

Postby BillG » 17. May 2010, 05:49

My guess would be that there is a conflict between the VBox filter driver and the NIC driver in your host OS. The filter driver has to work with the NIC driver to allow network access from the vm. See if you can find a newer Win 7 x64 driver for your NIC.
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